12th Man: Too little too late

Too little too late

Martyn Waghon

Saturday was one of the better home performances of recent times – a disallowed goal and numerous goal attempts hitting the woodwork was all that prevented us taking three points in the derby against Bolton. In the end Martyn Waghorn’s wonder kick kept our chances alive but it’s only a slim chance and with the games coming up for this team I genuinely fear our days in the Championship are numbered.

The reaction from Waghorn to his goal was completely understandable, he’s endured a frustrating season after being one of the catalysts in last season’s run to the play-offs. This season for one reason or another he hasn’t had chance to show what he can do. His exclusion over the last few weeks whilst being fit is another example of the baffling selections from Malky Mackay. Waghorn is a proven Championship goal scorer to exclude him is ridiculous.

The reason we are in this position is our inability to score and the managers inability to find a solution to this is hampering our chances of survival. It is criminal the amount of proven goal scorers that have signed for Latics this season and either not been used or marginalised. We have two strikers out on loan in their respective countries scoring on a regular basis whilst Martyn Waghorn and Billy McKay who remain at the club have been marginalised and bar three or four minute appearances here and there largely haven’t been given a chance.

Instead of shipping out Oriol Riera and Andy Delort at the first opportunity why didn’t the manager try to coach them in to his style? Surely that is the job of a manager – to coach? Instead Mackay seems willing to blame everyone else bar himself for our position. Those sentiments don’t wash with me and won’t wash with the Wigan Athletic supporters.

Surely it makes more sense for us to utilise the players we already had rather than ship them out. Mackay’s comments become more outlandish by the week, when he first arrived he blamed our position on the squad being too large yet last week he said he had brought in young loan players to “give us some bodies for a bench” then commenting on Jerome Sinclair and Josh Murphy he said their arrivals were “to give them some experience”.

In our position we should not be looking to give other club’s youngsters a chance to gain experience. We should be focussing on what is best for Wigan Athletic and somehow managing to maintain our Championship status. The manager is doing neither at the moment, even with the departures we had more than enough quality in the squad to get out of this situation and if we’re looking to give youngsters ‘experience’ I would much rather see Wigan Athletic youth players given that experience than Mackay doing a favour for his old pal at Liverpool Brendan Rodgers.

Amazingly we still have a chance to get out of this but that will depend on Latics scoring goals, with Mackay in charge and the games coming up I’m not confident we
can do that.

Sean Livesey

12th Man: Still in with a chance

marc-antoine-fortune-and-kim-bo-kyung-celebration-v-norwich-city-16x973-2314971_1600x900Two wins in a week, it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to say that and yet those two wins weren’t even the biggest news of the week.