Retro Double IV

How do? It’s been a while hasn’t it? A combination of work and foreign climbs has gotten in the way of updating the blog recently but we’re back with a bang tonight including the latest installment of our Retro Double.

Turning full circle and bringing it right up to date with the modern day incarnation of the Motown legends The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley aka Mr Biggs on lead vocals. ‘Superstar’ was released as part of the group’s 2003 ‘Body Kiss’ album which was written and produced by R Kelly. It also became the first album to hit number one since the group’s 1975 album the heat is on.

Sit back and enjoy one of the finest Modern Soul tracks of the last decade – ‘Superstar’

Secondly from 1967 a single from Chicago that reached number nine on the R&B charts. Ruby Andrews was born in 1947 in Hollande, Mississippi and spent most of her career signed to the Zodiac label. Well known for heart rendering ballads and deep Soul gems one of her biggest hits was this late 60′s gem ‘Casanova’